“Bagicha by Jayshree Tea”

The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” is having its own Tea Estates and is engaged in producing, manufacturing and trading of loose as well as packet teas.

The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” hereby appoints the individual/firm/company/LLP as “Channel Partner” for selling its Teas and the said “Channel Partner” agrees and do hereby give their consent to act as such on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned. 

Terms & conditions:

  1. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” may dispatch the products from its Tea Gardens and its Offices at Kolkata and from other places to the “Channel Partner” time to time in its absolute discretion as per request of “Channel Partner”.
  2. The “Channel Partner” shall not sell any teas at a price more than the price list or one marked or fixed in respect of each Item. “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” will provide sale list/rate list to the “Channel Partner” which will be applicable for all sales through them. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” may revise/change the Price List at any time. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” may introduce or withdraw any sale promotion/scheme etc.
  3. The responsibility for procuring orders from market is totally upon the “Channel Partner” and the “Channel Partner” is liable/bound to make the payment to the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” for the Teas sold, Billed & dispatched to “Channel Partner” however market responsibility i.e. payment from market is totally of the “Channel Partner”.
  4. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” is not responsible for any Damages or Expiry goods, except Damages in Transit from “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” to “Channel Partner”.
  5. If any teas are damaged due to negligence or improper storage of stock by the “Channel Partner”, the “Channel Partner” will be responsible for such losses.
  6. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” has the right to check all books of accounts relating to Stocks and sales of the “Channel Partner”
  7. Any sale promotion, market development and Sale achievement target expenses incurred by “Channel Partner” in relation to sales of “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea”, will only be reimbursed to the “Channel Partner”, if such expenses are prior approved/sanctioned in writing by the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea”.
  8. The “Channel Partner” shall pay a onetime sum of INR 2,000.00 for the startup kit for “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” against display packaging, tea samples, a tea carafe and a pinewood chestlet. This is a non-refundable payment and will be considered as the “Channel partner’s” initial investment. The “Channel Partner” will not be entitled to any stock of goods against this payment. Any purchase of stock of goods will have to be made against separate payment.
  9. Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” is authorized to use the “Channel Partner’s” communication details on their website.
  10. The “Channel Partner” shall not indulge in any unlawful activity or any activity which may be harmful to the business of the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea”
  11. The “Channel Partner” shall engage itself in promoting the business of the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” to the best of its ability and capacity, honestly and diligently and shall not engage himself directly or indirectly in the sale of similar or identical products of some other manufacturer.
  12. The “Channel Partner” shall be entitled to appoint the sub-dealers and directly deal with them. Subject to the consent and approval of such dealers by Bagicha by Jayshree Tea. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” may ask the list of sub-dealers appointed by “Channel Partner”. It is specifically agreed that the “Channel Partner “shall deal with sub-dealers at its own responsibility and the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” shall not be responsible for any dues which sub-dealers fails to pay to The “Channel Partner”.
  13. The “Channel Partner” shall report to the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” immediately on the arrival of the goods at his premises and will take note of loss/shortage/damage while taking delivery of the consignments.
  14. This arrangement is valid for a period of ONE Year from the date of hereof, but it can be terminated by either side after giving 60 Days’ notice to each other.
  15. On termination of this arrangement, the accounts between the parties shall be settled within one month of such termination.
  16. Though this arrangement is for ONE Year, but it can be reviewed from time to time and continuation will depend on basis of overall performance.
  17. The “Channel Partner” will inform to the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” any change in the existing constitution of the firm/company/LLP.
  18. The “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea” reserves its rights to appoint other “Channel Partner / Dealers / Consignment agent” in the same area to make direct sale.
  19. This arrangement shall in no way constitute sole selling arrangement between the Parties.
  20. That any dispute arising between the parties hereto shall be settled “Mutually” or otherwise through an “Arbitrator” appointed by the “Bagicha by Jayshree Tea”.
  21. That any dispute arising between the parties hereto shall be subject to KOLKATA Jurisdiction only.


  1. All payment against Purchase Order must be done in advance strictly.
  2. Order will be dispatched, only when full payment is received in advance.
  3. Sales Invoice will be generated, once full advance payment is done by the “Channel Partner”.
  4. Cash payment method is strictly prohibited. Only the below payment methods are accepted:
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Net Banking
    • Paytm
    • Wallet
    • UPI
    • EMI Option
  1. “Channel Partners” order will be sent to the respective location between 4-6 working days after clearing payment, delays can happen due natural disasters & other unforeseen circumstances.
  2. If by mistake damaged product (Packaging torn, soiled or defective) or wrong product have reached the destination, please mail us a photo of the damaged or wrong order with a cover letter to [email protected] within 24 hours of receipt of the product. Upon receipt of the above mail, we will arrange for a return pick-up & send the correct product at our cost (upon verification).
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