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scope analysis

The art of making loose leaf tea

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About Bagicha

  • Bagicha by Jayshree Tea empowers you to sell export quality fresh teas directly from our gardens to your network of tea drinkers - and that too through a powerful mobile device app, which enables you to work from anywhere.

  • Tea is the second-most consumed beverage (after water) worldwide and its nature-gifted range of health benefits, healing and immunity boosting properties secures tea's growth for a foreseeable future. Bagicha gives you the freedom to earn safely from home, while working with a B K Birla Group public-listed company, which continues to be a global leader in tea production for over 75 years.

  • The app features convenient accounting and customer-status tracking tools; a dynamic library of creatives you can engage your customers with; and a learning section with custom training modules designed by education-leaders BIMTECH, which equip you by enhancing your personal skills and imparting essential knowledge.


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