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Stock, Inventory, Demand, Chain Management Course

Significance of the module on Stock, Inventory, and demand chain management for the Bagicha Channel Partners.

  • Its simplicity to unravel the meaning of stock and inventory to even a common person with no management degree.
  • The importance of stock on a given day of the month, opening stock, closing stock, goods sold, goods returned, and the relationship between them.
  • FIFO: What comes first in stock goes out first
  • Importance of using FIFO in inventory value calculation
  • Demand chain management: how much to stock, when to order and how much to order, the delivery time of the goods, receiving of goods documentation
  • Types of payment terms in retail business and benefits of each payment type
  • Forecasting demand(sales) in an area
  • Size of the sales team to manage sales
  • Frequency of placing order
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