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The Bagicha Selling Skills Module

The Selling Skills module is aimed at providing you with a bird’s eye view of what makes an effective salesperson. It is targeted at reminding experienced salespersons of the skills they need to continuously hone both before and after making a sale.

The module essentially covers four areas:
  • Buying and Selling Styles
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Negotiation and Bargaining

The First Skill - Buying and Selling Styles - is essential for you to plan your sales pitch.

The Second Skill – Good Communication - lays the foundation for you to build a long and lasting relationship.

The Third Skill- Conflict Management – is necessary for you to cope with differing interests – yours and the customer’s – through reconciling them amicably.

The Fourth Skill – Negotiation, and Bargaining – is necessary at the last stage of closing the sale.

All these skills should form a part of your selling repertoire, as each skill will be needed at different times during the sales process and be a confidence booster as the sales process unfolds.

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